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Al Gores Challenge
It is not possible to stop using fossil fuels. There would be too many obstacles in the way if they did want to stop using fossil fuels. If they really did want to cut back on how much energy they use then they could just use wind-up flashlights. Now, some of the following reasons are about why it cannot be done. Fossil fuels provide about 85 percent of our energy and 70 percent of our electricity. Therefore solar panels, windmills, button grids, and efficient light bulbs cannot replace fossil fuels. Also, if America switches to electric cars then we would be using even more electricity not less, and if we all switch then the global warning would go up. They also want to spend billions of dollars to do all of this and with the economy like this they would probably not make it. Lastly, lots of jobs would be lost if we did stop using fossil fuels, even though some would be created the cutbacks required wants to make the shift which means even more would be lost. Here’s what the other side wants to do. They want to begin to build a national grid to transport renewable electricity from rural places where most of it will be generated to the cities where a lot of electricity is being used, this will cost over $400 billion dollars. They also want to help America switch to plug-in hybrids. Another thing they would like to do is to stop polluting since 40 percent of the carbon comes for factories and buildings, to save some money for homeowners and…