Part Time Teachers Of International School Of Tourism And Hotel Management

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Chapter 1
1.1 Background
International School of Tourism And Hotel Management was established in year 2003 affiliated to Salzburg university of applied sciences, Austria. It is providing Intermediate in Hotel Management, Higher diploma in Hotel Management, Bachelor in Tourism management. IST is also suffix, which means a person with deep knowledge, practical exposure and appropriate in particular discipline. IST aims at developing practical, managerial and excellent communication skills by proving each Individual student with the knowhow of a successful career in hospitality industry (IST, 2013).
1.2 Statement of Problem
IST has a very strong team of faculty comprising both academicians and working professionals. Different teachers who are expert in their field are available in IST College. Members are divided in administration and academic department. In administration department there is accounts department, examination department. In academic there are full time teachers and part time teacher available. Part time teacher are having many challenges and opportunities in IST colleges. Part time teachers have many challenges like timing, payment style. And opportunities like many colleges, Short time teaching etc. Thus researcher studied about the major challenges and opportunities faced by part time teachers of IST College.
1.3 Research Objective
This research has few objectives. The general objective of this study is to ascertain the major challenges and opportunities of part time teachers of IST College. The specific objectives of this study are
To know the problem faced by teachers of IST college.
To find the benefits of part time teachers.
1.4 Importance
This study is conducted to fulfill the academic requirement and purely for academic purpose. This report is also beneficial to the students of IST College so that they can get idea to make a report or it acts as guidelines to those students. This report is also important to the college management so that they will get know part time teachers major opportunity and challenges. This report is also important to the journalists so that they can get information about this topic.
1.4 Operational Definitions
There are few concept used in this research. The operational definition of those concepts for the purpose of research is
IST: For the purpose of research International School of Tourism and Hotel Management
Part time teacher: Teacher only teaching for some hours in a college (not more than 2 hours) not for full time and don’t have any responsibility in taking decision in college and also engaged in other different colleges.
Challenges: For the purpose of research challenges are the problem faced by the teachers or disadvantages.
Opportunity: For the purpose of research opportunity means any
Chapter 2
Review of Literature 2.1 Review of Previous Literature
A prospectus entitled Your Career Starts from Here Published by International School of Tourism and Hotel Management (2013) tells about International School of Tourism and Hotel management itself.
This prospectus gives many more information about the college like affiliation and cooperation, message from the dean, message from the CEO, teaching and learning methodology, key features, grading system, facilities, internship and job placement. But in this prospectus information about masters program is not written. This book is made very attractive using colorful pictures so that we will be willing to study the whole prospectus. I don’t agree about key features that is job placement because talking to the student passed already from the college says that they have to search for the job them self. One facility that is conference hall is not in the college too. This prospectus is used to give an introduction about IST College in the research.

An article entitled “Nut Guidance on Part Time Teachers Pay & Working Time” found in the webpage of NUT (2012) describes about part time teachers give different