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Albert Schweitzer: “By having Reverence for Life, we enter into a spiritual relationship with the world by practicing Reverence for Life we become good, deep, and alive.” Albert Schweitzer believed that all life had value, from the microscopic germs, to animals, to you and me. “As soon as a man does not take his existence for granted, but beholds it as something unfathomably mysterious, thought begins.” Albert Schweitzer encouraged millions of people to not take life for granted, he also encouraged peace and for people to follow God and live by his word. Albert Schweitzer’s early life was a large indicator of his years to come. Albert Schweitzer was born in Gunsbach, Alsace (then Germany now France) in 1875, to a protestant minister and his wife. A serious child, Schweitzer thought deeply about the world around him. Schweitzer as a child cared about all living things. As Schweitzer grew older he began to take action by doing the little things to avoid death in other living things. As a child Schweitzer learned a lot about life which fueled his desire to help and protect it later in life. Albert Schweitzer had many ideals and practices not to mention the surplus of education in other fields. Albert Schweitzer was a Christian. Not only was he born to a pastor he become one himself at the local church in his village. Not only was he a pastor he was also a theologian who studied deeply into his faith. On top of being a pastor, Schweitzer was a musician, a teacher, a principal, and an author of multiple books. Above all ideals, Schweitzer lived by the theory of Reverence for Life, the theory that all life has value from microscopic germs to you and I. Schweitzer’s ideals helped him reach his goals but there were many obstacles for him along the way. Schweitzer’s goal was to influence the world about how war was a waste and peace was the answer. Schweitzer believed that all living things had value. He did all he could to keep to that so he became a vegan. One Schweitzer’s greatest achievement was the start of his life’s dream, his hospital at