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Albrecht Durer
Nationality : German Place of birth : Nuremberg, Germany Date of birth : 21/04/1471


German painter, printmaker, mathematician, engraver, and theorist.


Apocalypse series 1498
Retains a more Gothic flavor than the rest of my works. My well-known works include the Knight, Death, and the Devil.

Devil 1513
Also known as The Rider, represents an allegory on Christian salvation. Unflustered either by Death who is standing in front of him with his hour-glass, or by the Devil behind him, an armored knight is riding along a narrow defile, accompanied by his loyal hound.

Jerome In His Study 1514
Portrays the saint as an exemplar of the Christian scholar: humbly clad in monk's robes, he hunches over his writing table within a simple but comfortable and profoundly serene cell. On the rear wall of the chamber hangs a cardinal's hat, an ahistorical reference to Jerome's papal appointment. A lion, legendary companion of the saint, drowses in the foreground, guarding access to the chamber; a dog sleeps peacefully by the lion's side. The ever present threat of death and the transience of human existence, symbolized by the hourglass on the rear wall and the skull on the windowsill, is lessened by the spiritual contemplation of eternity, here expressed in Saint Jerome's total absorption in