Alchol and Side Effect Essay

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Alcohol and it`s side effects

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Alcohol has many side effects; it has long and short term side effects. The most common long term side effects are kidney failure and cirrhosis of the liver also can lead to diminished control over cravings for alcohol and to poor decision-making. One can easily fail to recognize the ultimate consequences of one’s actions. And the most common short term affects are headache and hangover.
Drinking alcohol to get out of daily life or for getting out from a psychological issue is not a good idea. Drinking daily in big amounts or even using alcohol to get out of social or economic problems is not a good idea too. Alcohol drinkers are divided into three kinds; social drinkers, binge drinkers and alcoholism.
Social Drinking
Social drinking is: casual drinking in a social setting without intent to get drunk. Good news is often celebrated by a group of people having a few drinks. Buying someone a drink is a gesture of goodwill. It may be an expression of gratitude, or it may mark the resolution of a dispute.
The five main occasions that drinking is a common thing that everyone makes is: house parties, at a bar with friends, at friends' home, with a meal, or before dinner, these occasions are considered as the social times that social drinkers might drink alcohol. (Ward, 1990)
Drinking has become recognized as one of the most important problems facing today's college student. Collage students might turn from social drinkers to binge drinkers or even to alcoholism, and if that happened that will be a disaster for college students he might fail with his classes.

Even though college drinking has increased only modestly over the past few decades, concern about its health, behavioral, and safety consequences has risen rapidly. Collage drinking causes health damage as the side effects of alcohol also it change the behavior of the student by the mood changing for example if they did not get the drinks beverage they want or even if the student was drunk, and finally the safety issue the student might get in troubles caused of alcohol drinking or even get robbed while he is drunk.
Binge Drinking
Binge drinking is known as episodic excessive drinking. ‘BEACH (Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health)’ used three questions from the World Health Organization's Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test ‘(AUDIT)1’ to gather information on alcohol consumption of patients aged 18 years or over from a subsample (40%) of participants. they defined regular binge drinkers as those who have six or more standard drinks on one occasion, either weekly or monthly.( Charles, Valenti, & Miller, 2011)
Binge drinking is associated with a profound social harm, economic costs as well as increased disease burden, there is tow ways might increase the economic cost, the first one is the binge drinker want more drinks than the social drinker so the binge drinker pay more money for drinks, and the second way is the binge drinker is more exposed to be sick or influenced by alcohol side effects and being affected by alcohol side effects costs the binge drinker more money for paying for hospitals and doctors. Binge drinking is more common in males, during adolescence and young adulthood.
The main difference between social and binge drinkers that social drinkers might be satisfied with couple of drinks but binge drinkers they keep drinking until they get wasted. (Charles, Valenti, & Miller, 2011)

Alcoholism is a medical disease or an addictive illness. The main factors that affect the person to become alcoholic are: social environment, stress, mental health, family history, age, ethnic group, and gender.
Alcoholic is known as the person who can’t spend a day without drinking alcohol and also known as an eye opener drinker and the most