Alchol: Death and Extended family Members Essay

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Funeral Ritual

A ritual that I found particularly interesting in “ The Secrete History” novel written by Donna Tatt was the day of Bunny’s funeral. In most cultures in todays world funerals is considered to by a sad mourning full day. A funeral ceremony is taking place one or two days after the person has passed. The people who go to the ceremony are the nuclear and the extended family members, friends, colleagues, classmates, teammates and others who knew the person pretty well. Commonly, at a funeral ceremony one would see people dressed elegantly in black, and without wearing too much to showing off one’s wealth because the ceremony is being held in the memory of the person who passed. During the ceremony one hears speeches being told from one’s mother, father, brother, sister or a close friend who wants to praise and remember the person. It is a sad and meaningful day for everyone who is attending the ceremony. After, the ceremony the people gather at a house or place where they eat all together but in a very respectful manner
Death and hysteria are common responds when people hear that some has died especially when the person has been taken way tragically. When a young person dies it brings to mind to others especially ones in the same age range the thought that death is a possibility even though death has been associated with elderly people are weak and sick. However, bad things happen in the world which one does not have control over. When a young person like Bunny died, his classmates others would praise him even though not a lot of people really paid attention to him when he was live nor did he have many friends that new very well but still he was praised that people said about him.
Even his friends pretended that they were sad of the unfortunate death that their friend was in. The boys were playing a role because they did not want to seen as suspects that were involved in Bunny’s unknown death circumstance. They all acted very differently. Henry went with Bunny’s parents to their home to help them go through this rough