Alcohol Advert Analysis

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Task 1

1. The audience is indirectly exposed to alcohol as in both adverts we are exposed to someone who is drunk, and not in control of themselves or their actions. We see the girl pouring wine and in both adverts we see the effects of alcohol and being drunk, such as vomiting and spilling food on yourself. As the audience we are positioned as if we are in the characters shoes, and therefore we could all indirectly witness how it feels and what it looks like to be drunk.
2. These adverts can have a large impact on the viewers beliefs and values as it can make a person think twice about their behavior. Many times people acquire their beliefs and values from their parents and their friends, and this can sometimes have a detrimental effect.
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Yes, I think it is very effective. Not only does the advert begin by grabbing your attention, it draws you in as you are watching a person perform disgusting, harmful and inappropriate activities. The rhetorical question: “You wouldn’t start your night like this. Why end it that way?” is very thought provoking and makes a valid point. We make ourselves look presentable, respectable and beautiful before we leave, and we come home looking terrible if we are drunk. The advert asks us an important question, why would we want to make ourselves look like that in the first place? The advert is effective as we are looking at alcohol from a different perspective to other alcohol adverts and we are disgusted by what goes on, thus making us less temped to binge drink and make a fool out of …show more content…
The link between alcohol and unwanted pregnancy is that when people are intoxicated, they are not in control of their thoughts or actions. They have a reduced sense of judgment, therefore they could have sex without being cautious and this could lead to pregnancy, as well as having sexual intercourse with many people you do not know which could lead to STD’s. Statistics show that teenagers under the influence of alcohol are twice as likely to have unprotected sex as when they are sober. Boys can also take advantage of girls when they are drunk, and this can be harmful for the girls as well as cause pregnancy. It is also normal for alcohol to heighten sexual arousal and therefore people cannot control their