Alcohol Advertising Should Be Banned In Australia

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Sport is a healthy activity that spreads important social values, such as fairness, perseverance, and teamwork. Unfortunately, it’s also the main use for promoting alcohol.
Alcohol companies sponsor Australia’s most popular national sporting competitions and events, including the Australian Rules Football League, National Rugby League, Melbourne Cup, the Australian Grand Prix, theV8 Supercars series, and the Cricket Australia competitions.
Alcohol companies have a long history of partnership and sponsorship with sporting clubs, in Australia. But debate grows on whether this sponsorship and advertising can be held responsible for underage and binge drinking, and how it can send the wrong message to young people.
Alcohol sponsorship of sporting organisations, teams and events, as well as advertising of alcohol products during sports events create ethical questions, because of the health and social risks associated with alcohol consumption.

Pairing a healthy activity, such as sport, with an unhealthy product, such as alcohol, makes that product seem less unhealthy and more acceptable and normal. The National Health and Medical Research Council says the earlier a young person starts drinking, the greater the chance they will binge drink and become a heavy or problem drinker as an adult. A ban on alcohol firms sponsoring sports clubs and events is a
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Banning alcohol sponsorship would not only create a huge problem in funding for sports, it would also not make a difference in alcohol consumption and underage/binge drinking. While advertising has a strong influence on shaping young people’s attitudes towards drinking, there are many countless, stronger reasons why they choose to drink. A ban would only serve to increase young people’s interest in drinking alcohol. Banning or reducing alcohol advertising in sports sponsorship will not provide a solution to this