The Pros And Cons Of The Alcohol Industry

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The main purpose of the (Pro) passage is to show the alcohol-industry in a light where advertisement has a negative impact on children and even some adults. This impact is due to the increased underage drinking and the increased rate of drinking and driving. There is strong evidence that not only do alcohol ads have effects on brand selection but by consumption as well.
Although the alcohol-industry states that promotion of alcohol has an impact on consumption, some private researches think and possibly have found differently. The alcohol-industry glorifies drinking because they want their product to sell. They put alcohol and drinking where it can be looked at as “cool” and the thing to do.
While limiting the alcohol-industry’s ads can violate their 1st amendment right I think it is necessary when underage drinking and drinking and driving has significantly increased. Glorifying alcohol ads inadvertently promotes teens to drink, and I strongly believe that the alcohol-industry is aware of this issue. I know that a lot of teens say they began to start drinking because when they saw ads of adults having a great time while drinking and that they wanted to experience that.
Alcohol ads definitely do not promote drinking and driving however ads do promote consumption. And when a person has consumed alcohol their judgment is clouded and is more likely to get behind a wheel. An alcohol ad will represent a certain beverage and the certain lifestyle someone is living and they want to live the lifestyle they see and almost come invincible and think they are capable of everything.
I believe that alcohol consumption is the main