Alcohol: Alcoholic Beverage and Overseas Students Essay

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Discussion: Alcohol
The purpose of this research was to find out if there were any similar patterns in alcohol consumption among international students living in Sydney when compare with Australians. These results showed that alcohol is harmful and there common features between males and females regarding their consumption habits, places students like to drink alcohol. Furthermore, the alcoholic beverage that international students consumed either regularly time to time.
The first finding was that most harmful drugs of Navitas English students were illicit drugs than alcohol. This could possibly be because it could lead to permanent mental impairment and heavy psychological dependence. In addition, the most harmful drug of Australians was illicit drugs, compared to tobacco and alcohol (ABS, 2012). This could be possibly be because widely used illicit drug in Australia, with a reported one-third of all Australians aged 22 or older having tried illicit drug such as marijuana and 1 million using it in the past year (National Drug Strategy Household Survey,2008). However, many people may have realized illicit drugs most harmful than alcohol because it was not good for their health.
Secondly, the location of overseas students was mostly consumed was the pub. A further stated was peer pressure. This is in stark contrast to Australian research which the majority of Australian drinker were most likely to consume alcohol at home (ABS, 2012). One reason for this could be it was cheaper than alcohol bought in on licensed premises. In addition, high alcohol tended to be consumed in more risky location. Therefore, the most recent recognizes that people want to spent time at the pub