Alcohol: Alcoholism and Alcohol Elevates Consumption Essay

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Over consumption of alcohol is the third leading cause of avoidable deaths in America today. Drinking alcohol, including underage, is bad for a plethora of reasons. Those reasons include: health effects, future effects, and law effects. Also this university (Marywood) has its own procedures and rules for issues involving alcohol. Alcohol consumption has both positive and negative effects on the human body. Studies have shown that drinking alcohol in moderation increases your good cholesterol. Your good cholesterol helps carry away and break down extra cholesterol in blood that could otherwise block your arteries. Alcohol also thins your blood, making it less likely that your arteries will form blood clots. It can also lower inflammation throughout your body. These factors combine to result in a lower risk of contracting Cardiovascular Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Strokes or Alzheimer's. With that being said alcohol use comes with risks. One of the biggest is that regularly drinking alcohol can lead to Alcoholism. Alcoholism develops over time as people get into a habit, as tolerance for alcohol elevates consumption usually elevates. This is usually when health problems occur. Some people can develop heart failure from increased alcohol consumption. Along with heart failure you would be at an increased risk for high blood pressure and triglyceride levels; both of which can put you at higher risk for Heart Disease. Along with
Heart Disease drinking too much can increase your risk for cancer. Cancers include: liver, stomach, breast, colon and mouth cancer. Besides cancer, it raises the likelihood of developing inflammation in your pancreas and stomach lining. Also Alcohol abuse is associated with brain lesions. Alcohol related brain damage is due to the direct toxic effects of alcohol, alcohol withdrawal, nutritional deficiency, and electrolyte disturbances. It is especially harmful for underage drinkers because their bodies don’t stop developing until the age of twenty-one.
Underage drinking can cause a vast amount of problems besides health effects. According to the Pennsylvania state law, underage drinking encompasses a much broader range of conduct than just drinking. The law states that anyone under the age of 21 found purchasing, trying to purchase, consuming, possessing, or knowingly transporting alcohol is considered to be in violation of the law. Underage Drinking comes with a vast variety of punishments, from license suspension to fines to possible jail time. Suspension of Driver’s License: ninety days for the first conviction, one year for a second, and two years for a third. If you don’t have a driver’s license when you are convicted, you will be prohibited from applying for a learner’s permit for the period of time your license would have been suspended had you had a license. For a first offense you may be issued a Fine of up to $300, plus administrative costs of about $120. For second and third convictions, the fine is at least $500 and up to $1,000, plus administrative costs.
For any offense (first or fifth) a judge might have you placed in jail for up to ninety days. Underage drinking citations do not appear on criminal background checks because they are not finger printable