Alcohol: Angling and Tournament Essay

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Harnett County Anglers is a league set up to prove the best angler in Harnett county. There will be a series of tournaments where prize money can be won. There will be entry fees for each tournament that will pay out accordingly to the amount of people participating in the tournament. There will be a one time registration fee that will help cover certain tournament cost (if any) and to help build the “Jack Pot” for the end of the year best angler. A percentage of your entry fees will also go towards the end of the season payout. At the last tournament of the season who ever has the most points at the end will win the jack pot. There will be a biggest fish bonus as well. There will be a variety of places to fish from lakes, rivers, and ponds. There will also be a variety of tournament styles including catfish, bass, mixed catches, and etc. The anglers can either work alone or have two man teams. As long as the anglers are registered with the Harnett County Anglers they are eligible to compete. Live bait and artificial baits are allowed unless it is voted by the anglers to change the rule. There is no rod limit unless it is voted by the angers to not allow this rule. There is no restrictions on boat, motor, etc. anything and everything is ok unless voted by the anglers to change the rule. Any rule that is questioned or in need of change can be as long as there are enough votes to overrule and change it. The league will be compromised of a tournament director and a co-directer, they will together handle all of the prize money, points, tournament rules, and anything else that needs to be done. It is recommended to have a scale, measuring tape, and some form of live well to bring in fish and prove your catch. Anyone who is caught illegally fishing (snagging fish, bringing in fish from outside source, etc) will be disqualified and possibly removed from the tournament all together. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS FOR DISQUALIFICATIONS. Every angler also assumes the risk involved in fishing and will be safe while fishing to avoid any possible accidents. If any accidents occur Harnett County Anglers will not be held accountable.

1. A registration must be filled out by each angler to compete in the tournament series.
2. There is a registration fee of $______________. This fee will help cover any cost that may occur during the season to host a tournament and will help put money towards the End of Season Pot.
3. Registered anglers will have the choice to team up with other registered anglers or fish solo during the season.
4. If the team decides to break up or the solo angler finds a partner they must either pair up or break up be fore the half way mark of the season.
5. Each tournament will have a entry fee to create a tournament payout and contribute to the end of