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The Empire and Popular Culture
During the Edwardian period, the British Empire was reflected as a world power with a superior way of life within popular culture through the use of exhibitions, show business, music, and memorials.
Imperialism Benefited Britain
Colonial and Indian Exhibition of 1886
Londoners could see “the stoutly earned results of widespread domination”
Silk, artwork, economic goods
This exhibition drew five million people over a span of 6 months
Greater Britain Exhibition of 1899
A model South African gold mine was on display
“From within the boundaries of the Empire can be procured every necessary and luxury of life more cheaply than any other part of the globe”
Blessed to be British
Colonized people were inferior
Theaters showed movies that depicted the South Africans as savages
Savage South Africa
Reenacted incidents from 1896 uprising in Matabeleland
Portabello Gardens
South Africans were imported to show the primitive habits and customs of their native land
Earl’s Court shooting gallery
Londoners could pick up a rifle and “wipe something off the slate” or “snipe the enemy”
Racial stereotyping through music
Britons painted themselves black and played folk music
They used terrible grammar while mocking holders of authority and power
Minstrel song modeled after “Oh Susanna”
“I jumped on board de telegraph and floated down the river de electric spark it magnified, and killed five hundred nigger. De engine buss, de boss run off I really thought I’d die, I shut my eyes to