Alcohol Essay

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Daniel Cody
25 November 2011
Maryanne Long
Alcohol Essay Drinking of alcohol in a college dorm was not a smart decision that I made. I did not properly think of the consequences that would happen and I was not thinking clearly at that time. I now know and regret what I did because it was very wrong of me. I now have learned a lot since this action based on my own mistake that I made. This entire experience taught me to think about the long term consequences of all of my actions. In this specific scenario I did not think of all that this is affecting in my life, while I could of easily not drank in the dorm and avoided this entire situation. I cannot have guest visit me until the end of January which effects my social life since a few of my friends wanted to come visit me and see Marist College. Also I am losing 2 priority points which will have a major effect on my campus living arrangements in my sophomore year. These are some negative consequences that arose because of my poor decision making that night.
In addition to the consequences I am facing with the school I have to deal with the punishment from my parents and the guilt I put on my own self. My parents are very disappointed in me, my actions, and my decision making. They do not accept me drinking alcohol, and they stressed to me that if I am going to drink that I should do it off campus and not get in trouble. As well as the trouble from my parents the guilt I have from my own self is probably the worst part of this entire situation. I constantly regret and remember the situation and I always replay it to myself and think what should I