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Alcohol is the most common in the world of psychoactive substances. He is a fixture of festivals, solemn meetings, but his systematic abuse leads to the formation of alcohol dependence, which is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world and remains a global health, economic and social problems. Drinking any amount of alcohol (even in small doses) during adolescence in no way is called harmless. Alcohol intervention in the making unformed adolescent organism differs great brutality, with mandatory it at least to some extent, but it distorts the personality of the young man. Experts agree that any alcohol consumption during adolescence is an abuse.
In most cases, teenage alcoholism begins with family feasts. At home on any occasion attracts guests who are seated at the table, impose itself in the food dish and traditionally poured full wine glasses and wine glasses. Moreover, all waiting for the first toast, to which no one eats. Actually, the very feast begins with a toast, after which all at once and at the same time have a drink in one gulp and poured to the bottom. With the development of "holiday" toasts followed more and more often, one after another, and instead of the actual sound of toast already just snatches of conversation "will be healthy!" Or something of that sort. From the point of view to observe the process of the child all the feast, as, in fact, a holiday built around booze. It seems that in general all come here not for the sake of communication, but only for the sake of the bottle. This moment is the key, which will be mandatory to child noted. The situation is complicated by the fact that many families give children thoughtlessly try beer or sweet wine, which teaches the child to the idea that alcohol - it's delicious.
Then comes adolescence, during which people always imitate their elders. In the behavior of adolescents in all cases can be traced especially homely atmosphere. A child from the home experience to understand the need to drink all that there is on the table (and then also run for the addition). It is great to remember that the need to drink large portions and in one fell swoop. Exactly what happens teen drinking - large doses, drinking all that managed to obtain, in any case, leaving nothing "in reserve". Typically, the food here is also present in minor amounts, playing the role of "not eating, but snacks."
Fear of alcohol is completely absent, as well as the lack of a sad experience. But here is what is present in large quantities, so it's bravado in front of friends. In the course of regular medical examinations of high school students every year experts reveal a growing number of alcoholics, whose age is not more than 15-16 years? Such adolescent’s alcohol dependence formed within just two or three years of active use of various alcoholic beverages, including far ahead beer. Moreover, the active promotion of a huge number of varieties of beer led to the fact that today there is a significant increase in beer alcoholism among girls.
Well-known fact is the ability of alcohol with regular use it to have a strong negative impact on human reproduction. The situation is complicated by the fact that if men are able to restore reproductive function after approximately six months of abstinence from drinking alcohol, the female reproductive organs damage is irreversible. The consequence of all this is the growing number of cases of congenital malformations or infertility in very young women.
Finally, the use of large amounts of alcohol and beer in particular, causes the development of cirrhosis. As teenagers, the serious violations in their internal organs in many cases are the result of the abuse of beer. Young body quickly gets used to high doses of alcohol. This fact explains the great danger that the teenager begins to drink often, even the weakest alcoholic beverages. He develops an extremely dangerous habits - he gets used to the fact that the use of alcohol once or twice a week…