Alcoholic Beverage Essay

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Alcoholism is a disorder, and like many human disorders there is not a single cause. There has been a lot of controversy over the causes of alcoholism. For a long time, the idea that alcoholism runs in families has been known. Some feel that alcoholism is caused by the environment in which a person lives in. Others argue that it is a genetic disease (Nurnberger 46-53). Not only can not knowing the effects of consuming alcohol or having a misinterpreted idea of them cause alcoholism, but the advertisements surrounding the user along with their genetic make-up can cause it as well. Not knowing the effects of consuming alcohol is a major factor in what causes alcoholism. The young people of today begin drinking because of the misinterpreted idea that drinking alcohol will make them more mature. Under-aged drinkers usually start when in high school; although, it is not uncommon for kids to start drinking in their later years of elementary (Wyborny 68-69). “Drinking alcohol can be a symptom of rebellious behavior like arguing with your parents, breaking curfew, or hanging out with the wrong crowd of friends.” Drinking and rebelliousness may only be temporary but, if not taken care of could lead to more serious problems including alcoholism, depression, and personality disorders (Wyborny 68-69). A portion of college students will start drinking and even become alcohol abusers after they leave the security of their home and enter the realm of college. Students who come from a family who condones alcohol are more prone to drink while in college than someone who comes from a family who restricts alcohol (Wyborny 72-73). Another cause of alcoholism is advertisements. Advertisements are a way for companies to inform the public about their product; but in this case they could be doing more than just informing. Commercials and ads of alcoholic beverages try to make drinking look like an appealing and fun thing to do. They make it seem like one will have a better time if they drink (Kuhn 25). Sporting events and athletes are heavily linked to alcoholic advertising. Alcohol companies have even had sports stadiums named after them (Kuhn 26). “Alcohol companies continually work to develop ways to make their product more accessible, attractive, and affordable to a wider range of customers” (Kuhn 25).
Genetics are another cause of alcoholism. Genes have been passed down from generation to generation. Alcoholism can be caused by many genetic factors (Stoppler). Many genes can be involved in the genetic complexity of alcoholism. One must be examined of how