Alcoholic Beverage and Degree Liberal Arts Essay

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To the Assistant Director of Residence Life, I am writing this appeal to keep my room on campus. I would like to urge you to reconsider and please let me stay on campus for one reason because I was not under the infuncence of any drugs or alcohol and I did not buy, bring or alcohol consume any on campus property. My teacher’s and coach know me as a well-rounded individual who is very responsible that being said I also do while in school. I have four classes including track and field that I have partaken in. The cans of alcohol were not mine that is the truth. I did not buy or bring the containers on campus or into the room,and I would wish to show you my credit card history to prove that and I have not bought any alcohol sense I’ve been on campus in the fall. In addition the drinks were on my roommate's desk the other on my dresser which is a common area. I was not there when the RA walked in to change the light in my bathroom. I told the RA neither was mine which is the truth, and I did not buy or drink anything. He asked me to give names of the student who might have and I did. That being said I recently gone to the hospital the day before for collapsing hitting my head due to exhaustion Robert the RA can support my story because he was there I physically can’t handle drinking alcohol. I love living at the dorms and I know the rules and I will not let this offenses happen again. I understand that there are rules to follow and I must abide by them. Furthermore please…