Alcoholics Anonymous: 12-Step Program Essay

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Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is the largest and most commonly known self-help group in the world. Since the creation of AA in 1935, there have been many programs modeled after it, which are also based on the 12-Step Program. Some of these include Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Chemically Dependent Anonymous, as well as programs for specific drugs, such as Cocaine Anonymous (CA) and Crystal Meth Anonymous (NIDA, 2012). Attendance and participation for self-help groups are open for anyone to attend and free of cost for all members, with meetings typically held in locations such as churches and public buildings. “Metropolitan areas usually have specialized groups, based on such member characteristics as gender, length of time in recovery, …show more content…
It has also been proven that participation in group therapy, during and following treatment, can help maintain abstinence. A longitudinal study was conducted in 2011 among a U.S. national sample of people who were living in communal-living recovery/transition homes (Oxford Houses) and were also actively involved with Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. “Categorical involvement in a set of 12-step activities and averaged summary scores of involvement were examined in relation to abstinence and self-efficacy for abstinence. Participants who were categorically involved in all 12-step activities reported significantly higher levels of abstinence and self-efficacy for abstinence at 1 year compared with those who were less involved” (Majer, 2011). The results suggest that the 12-step program provides individuals with substance use disorders the resources they need for ongoing recovery. In 2013, a longitudinal study, similar to the previous one, was conducted among a U.S. sample of patients who were in the process of leaving treatment for substance use dependencies.