Alcoholism: Effects of Alcohol by Kristal Thomas Essay

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Effects of Alcohol
Kristal Thomas
Everest University

The alcohol that people drink at parties or bars is created by fermentation. Fermentation is a process in which the yeast fungus feeds on the sugars and starches in some plants. Some of the plants can be barley and grapes. It then excretes alcohol along with carbon dioxide. Many people make alcohol in many different ways. Depending on what you like makes all the difference in coming up with a great combination. Why drink is the question many people often ask their self. Some people do not realize they have a drinking problem until it’s too late. Many people drink as way to take a break from daily life and sometimes they drink because they want to fit in with their friends and family. For some people it’s hard to express their feelings to someone but when they drink they find it comes a lot easier for them to talk. A lot of people also drink because they want to drown their sorrows no matter how bad it is. You can be depressed, angry, sad, and ashamed of anything but when you drink alcohol you tend to forget what you were ever mad about. There are many types of drinkers and each and every one drink differently. Take a social drinker for instance. They will typically drink slowly and they know when they have had too much so they stop drinking. They always eat before or while drinking so they don’t get sick. Social drinkers also have high respect for those that don’t drink. One major thing a social drinker will not do is drive home when they know they have had too much. Another type of drinker is known as the problem drinker. Now these types of drinkers will drink till they get drunk. They experience changes in their personality. Changes they can experience would be getting loud, angry, and they are very violent. They are there to cause problems whether it’s harming themselves or others around them. The last type of drinker is the alcoholics. An alcoholic is known to spend their time thinking about drinking. They also spend their time planning of when and where they are going to drink next. Alcoholics always hide their drinks through the house so they can have a quick pick-me-up whenever they feel the need to drink. They are also always the ones to deny they even have a drinking problem. Alcoholics may have black outs where they cannot remember what they did the night before although you guys think he or she looked normal at the time. You can ask them if they remembered last night and he or she would look at you with the blank stare and ask what you talking about? The risks of drinking alcohol can be fatal. Some of the risks can be vomiting, passing out in unfamiliar places in which in some places your safety can be at risk, blacking out and not remembering anything you did and the worst risk of all would be death by nervous system failure. This could be caused by injuring yourself and choking on your own vomit. You could also have some short term and long term effects from alcohol. Some short term effects from alcohol (depending on the individual) can be drowsiness; you can have headaches, often with all drinkers there comes slurred speech, and in most cases there is always vomiting. Unconsciousness is a major short term effect if the person in trying to drive home from a party or a bar. Long term effects from alcohol can pose a risk for everyone that drinks. You can have high blood pressure, nerve damage, and alcohol poisoning. In some cases people have gotten mouth and throat cancer. One risk that many people will take in their life is drinking and driving. What will happen if you have been drinking and just want to go home? What are my chances of getting home safe? Those are the questions you should think about before you ever plan to start drinking. The risk of getting into a wreck is high. Drinking impairs your judgment and your reflexes. Judgments includes distance, the driver can also