Essay about Aldous Huxley's Vision of the Future in Brave New World

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Brave New World In Brave New World by Aldous Huxley who gives his vision of the future. Huxley gives examples that there will be just one drug that will cure everything. Huxley’s prediction for the future is that people will rely on medication to release their pain and sadness. Huxley’s prediction for the future is absolutely true. Over time doctors discovered more than just one type of drug that will help people with their emotions. In today’s world people use drugs and pills to escape any kind of emotion that they are feeling. One of Huxley’s predictions was that people will take medication to release whatever pain or sadness they are feeling. In Brave New World the type of drug that they use that cures everything that they are feeling is called soma or holiday. For instances, Mustapha Mond says to Bernard, “Take a holiday from reality whenever you like, and come back without so much as a headache or a mythology” (Huxley 54). This shows that soma is a response for having an easier life for people to take this pill and not have any type of emotion. This relates to the real world by when people who have emotions and cannot help themselves they go to a doctor to get medication. For example, Dworkin says, “Because “minor depression” often gets treated with medication, so too does everyday unhappiness” (Dworkin). This shows when we have emotions we can’t deal with, we take medication that will cure any type of feelings. It’s true we take tons of medication to help and deal with any kind of emotions and Huxley’s prediction was somewhat proved to be true.
Another example of Huxley’s prediction was that people won’t be stressed out and depressed if they take medication. In Brave New World when people want to forget things and just relax they take soma. For instance, Lenina says to Bernard, “Too awful! That blood! Oh I wish I had my soma” (Huxley 116). This shows that people rely on pills way too much and are getting addicted to the way it helps them escape reality. In today’s world this relates to Huxley’s prediction by when people are stressed and depressed they find ways to break away from their emotions by taking legal drugs and alcohol. For example, Elizabeth Weller says, “Weller estimates that about 30% of her teen patients have used pot or alcohol after a depressive episode, most of the at the urging of friends who said smoking and drinking would make them