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Everyone’s body is different therefore my techniques might work for some and not for others. What I have learned over the years is actually not just new ideas and techniques from my father who has been always my mentor but also about what my body can do and how much it can take before it’s over stressed too much. Every day before my main exercise I start with a pre-work out exercise to keep my stress at a low level as close as possible to a level 1 before I start my normal workout routine. It depends on what part of the body I will be exercising that day, but I always start with stretching first muscles in the area that I will focus on working out that day and I continue with a small force exercise after to keep my stress at a low level below a 5 on a scale from 1 through 10. I also listen to music while I work out and it actually relaxes me besides keeping me in a good psychological mood. After I warm up my body and I know my muscles have been stretched I start my main exercises. I always have a big bottle of water with me when working out to help hydrate my body which actually helps with stress. The human body is full of water and while you work your loosing water to keep the body cool and I have seen people before workout and not drink water and then they fatigue their bodies basically and that’s a lot of stress. During every set I would say my stress will go up very high on a scale form 1-10 I would take it up to a 10 in order to get good results then after a set I drink a sip or two only of water and I rest mo more than 180 seconds or 3 minutes in other words which is the recommended time. If I am working out arms that day I will not rest the arms in between sets because I do both triceps and…