Alert!: Chromatography and Alert Energy Gum Essay

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Liquid Chromatography similar to gas chromatography is the separation of compounds. There are several types of liquid chromatography but the main ones are High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). The HPLC separates compounds that are dissolved in a solution and they are separated by injecting a small amount of the sample into a column. The components pass through the column at different rates due to the partitioning of the samples. The HPLC is generally used for identifying, purifying, and quantifying components of a mixture. Some applications of HPLC include drug analysis, and protein levels in compounds.
The purpose of this experiment is to determine the caffeine and sugar levels in various standard solutions of ALERT ENERGY GUM. The sample will be run through both the HPLC and UV-VIS. ALERT ENERGY GUM: Making a BOLD claim that one piece of Wrigley's Co Gum has 1/2 the amount of caffeine in it as an 8oz cup of coffee; it is also sugar free. *Assuming that ½ an 8oz cup of coffee contains 40mg of caffeine. Caffeine structure and absorbance wavelength

My BOLD hypothesis is ALERT ENERGY GUM not only have some amount of sugar in it but it also has less caffeine than half the amount of an 8oz cup of coffee.
Materials Needed
UV-visible spectrometer and cuvets for the UV region
Volumetric flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks, and beakers
Transfer pipets and pipet bulb
Stirring rod and scoopula
Alert Energy Gum (unknown)
DI Water
Hot plate
Vacuum filtration supplies
1. In volumetric flask add 40 ml methanol to get 500 ml moble