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Mein Kampf
, by Adolf Hitler, is an autobiographical narrative that depicts Hitler’s determination, flagrant notions, and haste resolutions. The title itself signifies “My Struggle” which constantly conveys the experiences and ideals expressed by Hitler himself. Although the novel lacks literal significance it’s historical significance is perfectly conveyed as the hatred by the Aryans flourish towards the Jews.The novel is split into two volumes which highlight two different topics. The first volume serves as Hitler’s memoir which details his life as a young child who loses his parents at an early age. He is destined to live on the streets while following a dream that is not suited for him. As the storyline progresses Hitler’s rise to power is inevitable.
However, the second volume depicts his motives and future plans for Germany. He planned a failed endeavor of a German “revolution.” After the fact, Hitler was seen as a tyrant and was therefore imprisoned which established the commencement of his literary work. Nonetheless, his imprisonment did not belittle his overall stature, but instead strengthened his political party.
Throughout the novel, Hitler’s main goal is to “purify” Germany from the Jews by maintaining the “superior race” known as the Aryans and proceeding with the genocide known as the
Holocaust during World War II.
The novel would be considered a primary source since the author was the leading figure of the Holocaust. Not only did Hitler contribute dates, names, and a clear depiction as to what happened during the time period, but also explained his apocalyptic vision.
Mein Kampf was seen as the Nazi Bible in the eyes of the Germans and contributed greatly as to how, many
Germans thought the particular way they did. Hitler’s personal experience made the autobiographical perspective of the novel engaging while providing a glimpse of his

psychological state. Hitler does not deprive himself of his extreme views throughout the novel because he believed all he did was justified. Many of the deaths he caused seemed insignificant to him. He wanted to wipe Germany of all the Jews while using them as a scapegoat for the
Treaty of Versailles. Generally there is always two sides to every story­even to a historical event­however, there is no better historical figure to explain why the Holocaust events occurred­than Hitler. He not only explains what and how events took account but also his reasoning behind it, therefore, increasing the novel’s accuracy.
Mein Kampf is an original source of information, although, the translation to the english language did alter Hitlers vile words, the events were intact. Commencing with his childhood to his rise in power in 1979; Hitler depicts his ideals and reasoning as a political stature which would be used as a primary source.
Historical events are destined to be bias. For example, the United Sates is always portrayed as the panacea during most wars by Americans, however, people do not usually take account their own beneficial reasoning behind it. In other words, the United States has shown to take victory at war, but only if they have been harmed themselves or if the situation will benefit the country. In terms of World War II and
Mein Kampf,
Hitler believed that each decision he made benefited Germany­therefore­the book was bias since it was pro­Hitler. The novel did not depict the Jews hardships but rather was intended as a source for Hitler’s propaganda. The suffering of the Jews and even the German’s who did not believe in Hitlers ways were not truly captivated within the book. Not only did Hitler seem deranged but also surprising since Hitler was raised as a catholic. Although, he declared himself to be neutral. In other words, he did not practice religion but certainty believed in the Bible’s God. He would continuously make

speeches that involved the Lord and how all his actions were based on God’s