Alex And The Creeper Short Story

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and the Creeper.
Once upon a time there lived two fierce explorers. Their names were Alex and
Steve. “We are running out of coal to make torches, and we are running out of bread to eat,” said Steve.
“Well, we need torches so we can see in dark places,” said Alex.
“I will go mining to get some more coal,” said Steve.
“And I will go to our garden and collect some wheat to make bread,” said Alex.
So Steve grabbed his iron sword, pickaxe, four cookies, and the rest of their torches.
He took off, running down the stairs into their mineshaft. When he got to the bottom, he saw two caverns. They had already explored one of them, mined all the ore in it, and lit it with torches. The other one was completely unexplored and pitch black. Steve knew that there would be many precious ores in that one, but there would also be creatures
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But he had to find coal, so he ran into the darkness. Steve realized he didn’t have a lot of torches so he would have to make the few that he had last. He started to place torches right away, lighting up his path.
Meanwhile, Creep Bro the Creeper was tired of living in his small cave bored, so he decided to go exploring. After a while he came to a house built out of wooden planks.
He went inside and saw the mineshaft. Wondering if the people who built the house made anything underground, he snuck into the mineshaft and down the stairs. Creep
Bro came to the same place that Steve had been only minutes before. Seeing one direction had fewer torches than the other and since he detested light, he headed that way to find an adventure!
Steve had been making good progress until he came to a fork in the cave. The left path sloped down, while the right path led up. He decided to go up in the right passageway. Soon, he came to a ledge overlooking a ravine that went about 20 blocks down. Steve saw some coal sitting next to some dangerous looking lava at the