Alex as an Antihero Essay

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Alex as an Antihero The question that has plagued scientists, sociologists and psychologists alike over time has been a simple "Are humans born completely good or evil?". Though the question still remains elusive, Anthony Burgess attmepts to make a point about humanity in his novel Clockwork Orange. Burgess presents the idea that good and evil are both necessities in humans, and that often it is up to freewill and choice to become one or the other. In his novel, Burgess created a character that chose to do many bad things voluntarily, but near the end the same character decided to show some good qualities and good intentions when goodness was not being forced upon him. Alex's presentation as an antihero emphasizes Burgess' point of the co-existance of good and evil. Alex fufills many qualities to being identified as an antihero. He has visible flaws, creating an imperfect image, and he appears to be more "gritty" in personality instead of being more refined. When Alex decides to engage in criminal activity he never thinks about what the right or moral choice is, he often thinks of what will benefit only himself. As seen on page 23, Alex punches his friend, Dim, in the nose as revenge for not composing himself and being mannered in public showing that Alex does seek revenge for personal satisfaction. Lastly, Alex also posesses qualities in himself that would normally belong to a villian, such as greed, amorallity and having violent tendencies. There are also several