Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter Essay

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Three sports personalities who I believe have a positive impact on their team and the sport they actively participate in are Derek Jeter, Chauncey Billups and Chris Paul.
The positives are because they are team first players that make the people around them better. Derek Jeter who is an iconic leader gives a little piece of advise that only he has lived by but what his father had taught him. "Always work hard and don't let anyone outwork you," Jeter said. "Stay positive. I think that's the biggest thing. I'm not a negative person and I always try to stay positive regardless of what happens. Those are lessons that I learned from my Dad." This statement reflects how he is on and off the field and shows why he positively impacts his team the Yankees. Chauncey Billups even though an old player is still a kind hearted sole. While watching him play on the court he has a demeanor about him that cannot be touched. He is kind and always treats his teammates with respect. Especially in his old age he has never been more for helping with assists and providing a stable environment for the Detroit, Pistons. Chris Paul known as a impossible replacement as a point guard. He still continues to show his support for his team while he was out for some time been. While he sat on the bench he encourages his teammates to let it go and move forward pushing forward for that win. Even though he is not on the court he still is a major player on the sidelines. Three sports personalities who I believe have been detrimental to their team and the sport that they actively participate in are Alex Rodriguez, Kobe Bryant, and Caramelo Anthony. The negatives they contain are “me” type players that don't care about anything but their own personal statistics. While other sports certainly have egomaniacal players, baseball probably has some of the worst and Alex Rodriguez is one of them. During the regular season, fans will hear about a player being a prima donna via a fallout with team management, a fight with a fellow player, etc. This directly reflects his attitude and has been associated with this name many times. Facts have also stated that he famously opted out of his already lucrative contract during the 2007 World Series, only to re-sign with the New York Yankees for a higher amount. This wasn't exactly a…