Alexa Huge: A Short Story

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“More than 45% of teens in the united states of America have used drugs,”said the reporter on the television before Alexa turn it off. Alexa Huge lives in small town where most of the families were torn apart over disagreements, but unlike Alexa family whose mother and father work as house remodels and give almost everything they could to their 3 children. Morley who is seven years old, Jason only 3 years old, and their oldest Alexa who is 17 years old.
“Mom i’m off to school is Morley ready?’’ Alexa asks her mother as she gets her car keys.
As quick as a jumping monkey Morley come jumping down the stair scream at her sister “ i'm here wait for me.’’
“Be quiet, baby jason might still be asleep” warns alexa
Both of the girl walk out of the house as quiet as possible to not wake up the baby or the snoring bear which is the father.
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Alexa’s morning is always the same she wake up and get dressed, gets milkshake with her little sister, drops her off at school and then goes to hers school. But before she goes to school she pick up her twin friend daisy and rony, who she became friend last year when they were at the movies and becomes friend over the fact that they haed the movies had watched. The twin do everything together they sing together, dance together they even get the sames grade at school.
Before she gets to school daisy comes up with something, “Alexa how about we skip school today. Rony and i have something to show you. Do you were john my boyfriend