Essay on Alexander and Philip

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Alexander and Philip
HIST 101
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Map out what will be discussed
Successes in Battle
Notable successes during their rule
Expansion of their territories
Thesis statement
Biography of Philip II
Early Rule
Success of Military under Philip
Corinthian League
Biography of Alexander The Great
Succession of his Father
Military achievements
D. Alexandria, Egypt
Death of Philip of Macedon
Death of Alexander The Great
Overview of Philip
Overview of Alexander
Final Decision on who deserves the title more

Alexander and Philip
Throughout the years there have been discussions on who deserves the title of “The Great” Alexander or his father Philip within this discussion you would have to look at certain factors. Those factors are their success in battle, notable successes during rule, and their expansion. With these factors you can make the conclusion that Alexander is more deserving of the title “The Great”.
Philip II (or Philip of Macedon) was born in 382 BC. Philip came to power through the event of the death of his brother Perdiccas III. When Philip came to power the Illyrians had occupied the northwestern part of Macedonia. Because of these occupations Macedonia was on the brink of collapse and Macedonia was suffering from extreme internal turmoil. The twenty one year old king despite the problems within Macedonia Philip was not discouraged.
He became determined to rid Macedonia from the Illyrian occupancy. In 358 BC Philip met the Illyrians in battle and defeated them causing the Illyrians to flee in panic. With the exit of the Illyrians it began to solidify his appearance as an extremely productive ruler. Shortly after the Illyrian defeat the Macedonian army had invaded Illyria and conquered every tribe stopping short of the Adriatic Coast.
Philip had many contributions to the Macedonian Military one was the phalanx. The phalanx was a spear that was roughly 18 feet long and extremely dangerous. Another contribution by Philip is he made the military a way of life for the men of Macedonia. With the amount the military was paid it made being a soldier an opportunity for a full time job instead of having to wait until non-peak parts of farming.
One way Philip formed alliances with other countries was marriage. It started when he married Audata the princess of Illyria. This marriage brought peace to the two territories. His second marriage was to Phila the princess of the Macedonian canton of Elimea. His third marriage was to Olympias of Epirus. It is this marriage that gave Philip a son and his name was Alexander.
Philip defeated the Athenians and Thebans in 338 BC whom he forced to join what would later be called The League of Corinth. When forcing the places to sign the treaty which would force unity between the Thebans, Athenians, and the Macedonians. The only place that was extremely vocal about not signing the treaty was the Spartans. Because the Spartans believed that the treaty was more like enslavement than a treaty.
Throughout Philip’s rule he had expanded his territory amazingly. By the end of Philip’s reign Macedonia had territory in Greece, Illyria, and Thrace. The most significant battle during Philip’s expansion was the battle of Chaeronea in 338 BC. In this battle the Macedonians were outnumbered thirty seven thousand to thirty two thousand. Even though five thousand men outnumbered them the Macedonian army remained strong and defeated the army of the other members of the Corinthian League.
In 356 BC Philip’s son Alexander was born. Alexander has been considered the greatest military minds of all time. During Alexander’s childhood he had the opportunity to watch how his father worked as king. When Alexander was twelve he stunned his father and others with his equestrian skills. Because Alexander tamed an unruly stallion named Bucephalus whom no one could mount and ride. This became the horse that Alexander would