Alexander Girard Research Paper

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Alexander “Sandro ”Girard

A very well known architect, interior designer, furniture designer, industrial designer and textile designer Alexander Girard lived between May 24, 1907 and January 31, 1993. He’s lifetime work of art contributed to the world of graphic design with textile design, franchise and his very own wooden dolls.

Girard was born in New York City from an American mother and a French-Italian father and grew up in Florence. He went school in Europe and studied architecture. In the 1920s, he started to develop his architect and interior design skills. In his wide-ranging art/design skills, his main focus was the textile design. As the head of the textile division at the Herman Miller Company, Girard had freedom to design the patterns with variety of colours, geometric patterns with joyfulness. As he was originally educated as an architect, he was also passionate on furniture design and interior design over his long
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Alexander Girard, Charles and Ray Eames were definite fugues of postwar American design. He was passionate in the folk art of South America, Asia and Eastern Europe. The wooden dolls made by Girard were originally for his own home in Santa Fe. He was able to use his unique textile design on his wooden dolls and each doll showed their own characteristic. A lot of these dolls have their own emotions, dreams and fantasies. Girard put his humour and love and in addition with his work in textile to the wooden dolls.

Girard Studio is where all of Alexander’s work is presented. Girard Studio was formed by Girard’s family to keep and promote the design legacy of Alexander Girard. The fifth generation of artists, craftsmen, designers and selectors are working as a team to continue to keep and reveal the Girard’s precious work which is a great contribution because designers can learn and experience Girard’s world of