Alexander Hamilton Accomplishments

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“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything,” quote Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton wanted to address this to say what will you fall for if you are high up, in status, for doing nothing at all. But this quote did not apply to him, after all did for us and not get the recognition he deserves. Alexander Hamilton had a small family, a short life, and had some major accomplishments. Alexander Hamilton had a very rough childhood. He was born on 1/11/1955, but historians are not completely sure if it’s true that he was born on this date (Alexander Hamilton). Hamilton’s dad walked out his mother and himself at a young age. His mother died when she and Hamilton were very ill (Miranda, Alexander). Hamilton had no other siblings, which makes him an …show more content…
Hamilton had one wife, Elizabeth “Eliza” Schuyler Hamilton (Miranda, Alexander). Together they had one son, Philip Hamilton, who died at the age of 19 years old (Miranda, Stay). Hamilton also had an affair with Maria Reynolds, wife of James Reynolds. Hamilton was best known for being the 1st treasurer of the United States. He also established the 1st bank of America. Out of 85, Hamilton wrote 51 of the federalist papers. In the revolutionary war, Hamilton served Washington on his staff as the rank of lieutenant colonel(Miranda, Right). While as the treasurer of the U.S, Hamilton made the financial system stable. And while doing all this, Hamilton still had time to abolish slavery in New York with an organization called New York Manumission. Then one day, Hamilton agreed to duel Aaron Burr on July 12, 1804 near the same place Hamilton’s son Philip got shot. On the day of the duel, Hamilton died shooting his bullet into the air. He died in the arms of his wife, Eliza, and his sister-in-law, Angelica. Hamilton’s funeral was the largest in the that time (Miranda, World). He is buried in Trinity Church at age of 47 (Alexander, Churchman). Hamilton had a short