Alexander Hamilton: Founding Father

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Alexander Hamilton, a father, a son, a patriarch of our country. A life spent working for the good of his people. This man was a huge part of what made America what it is today. He even has his own Broadway musical! Alexander Hamilton was one of the most well known founding fathers of this country. Today, we will dig deeper than you’ve ever gone before in learning about this man.
Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11, 1757. He was born in Charlestown of the British West Indies. He arrived in the colonies as a teenager in the year 1722. He was a member of the Continental Congress. He helped found the first national bank. But unfortunately, he was shot and killed by vice president Aaron Burr in a duel in the year 1804. He once said, “Learn
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Even though Hamilton was a big part of securing his victory over Aaron Burr in the presidential election of 1800.
Now, we see Hamilton as a figure of history to look up to. We even went to the extent of creating a broadway show based on the life of Alexander
Hamilton. It’s titled Hamilton. Hamilton (the man) affects our modern day America not only by being on our everyday 10$ bill, but also because His ideas on racial equality and economic diversity were so far ahead of their time that it took America decades to catch up with them. The funny thing was that the founding father’s ideas did not guarantee success. But luckily they made the cut. He once said, “I never expect to see a perfect work from an imperfect man.” this meant that perfect begets perfection. Or even more simple, something imperfect could never make something perfect.

All in all, Alexander Hamilton has shown us how to stay true to ourselves and that everyone can have their own opinions. I learned from Alexander Hamilton that making decisions isn’t always easy and you’re going to have to use your head. From his story I also learned that you can’t always put your full trust into everyone just because someone may seem like a great companion at the time, they may just stab you in the back. But in the end, Alexander hamilton can teach us all the we are not to throw away our shot. (“Hamilton”