Alexander Pushkin's Short Story The Shot

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In Alexander Pushkin’s short story “The Shot” the protagonist Silvio, a retired Russian Hussar, differs from the other men in the story by being more experienced in the field of military, behaving in reserved manner, and not part taking in the officer’s duels. In the story it is described that Silvio’s principal amusement was shooting a pistol and if Silvio offered to shoot a pear off an officer’s forage cap none would have refused. Despite this, Silvio acts in a reserved and quite manner. The officers describe Silvio as having habitual taciturnity, a stern disposition, and a caustic tongue. Even while playing faro Silvio had the custom of preserving complete silence and never disputed with other players. Silvio also seemed to shy away when he was faced with confrontation. When the officers disputed amongst themselves and began to duel, Silvio never joined in. During games of faro when the punter made a …show more content…
The officers described Silvio’s life as poor, but comfortable enough to suggest otherwise. “His dinners, it is true, never consisted of more than two or three dishes, prepared by a retired soldier, but the champagne flowed like water.”(paragraph 2) Silvio had formerly served as a Hussar with distinction and possessed many skills with a pistols. However, when asked if he had seen battle Silvio would keep his answers short. “When asked if he had ever fought, he dryly replied that he had; but he entered into no particulars, and it was evident that such questions were not to his liking. We came to the conclusion that he had upon his conscience the memory of some unhappy victim of his terrible skill.” (paragraph 3). Silvio presents himself as mysterious character that appears unwillingly to disclose much about his past leaving the officers to make do with their