Alexander The Great Essay

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Patrick Hopsicker
Alexander the Great
Turner 1 BDF I grew up in a kingdom that was continually at war, and I saw it as my duty to lead my people in war not from a distance but from a distance but in the forefront of the fighting. You, my people respected me and even sworn the oath of allegiance to be loyal and have the same friends and enemies as me. If one of my men was killed during war, I assured them that his death would bring him glory for ever and his place of burial would be famous. I alone promoted my soldiers and officers, awarded gifts and acts of courage, bestowed gold crowns on successful commanders, and decided the order of
Hierarchy of military rank. Together we civilized Asia and Egypt by building schools and supplying weapons for some of the armies. You have told me that I am the standard­bearer of Greek civilization. My influence in education has spread far and wide and possibly will extend into the future because of you men and women. We have given thanks multiple times to the gods for the salvation of our salvation and our lives. I organised traditional festivals in honor of those gods at the most lavish fashion because they deserve to be respected and loved for everything they do for us. You all know that
I am very loyal to my friends and I love my mother very much. I love my soldiers and you all love me because I show respect to you and you know I will always be honest with you. I always told the truth because that is the fair thing to do. I respect the constitutional rights of my people and you all accepted my policies. Together through cultural diffusion, we created