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April 16th 20113

Book Review on the Biography of Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was born in Pella, Macedonia on September 20, 356 B.C. and accomplished many great things as king of Macedonia. He became king of Babylon, Persia, and Asia and unified the Greek city-states. His parents were King Phillip II and Queen Olympia. Growing up in a royal family of Pella’s court Alexander the Great had it all but he failed to see his father, who spent most of his time doing military travels. His mother was a powerful role in his life but he grew to dislike the absence of his father. Leonidas taught Alexander horsemanship, math, and archery. Aristotle taught him philosophy, poetry, drama, science, and politics, Alexander idolized Achilles and was inspired by the Iliad. After finishing school he then set out on his first military expedition against the Thracian tribes. Which then started one of the greatest empires known to this day.
Alexander was determined to become king of Macedonia after the death of his father, by the hands of Pausanias, by gaining the support of the Macedonian Army. The army declared him king by killing other successors that were likely to become rulers. He also had the support of his mother Olympia who drove Cleopatra to suicide and murdered King Phillip II daughter. Alexander became the feudal king but did not control the Corinthian League. So he sent his army to the region of Thessaly and made them acknowledge him as the Corinthian League leader. He was then granted full military power and republished treaties with the Greek city-states that were apart of the Corinthian League. As his campaign of the north was coming to a close a Greek city-state, Thebes, made the Macedonian troops retreat. In fear of a revolt he gathered his army and marched to Thepes. They were nothing to Alexander as he slaughtered them with ease. There were other city-states that were planning on revolting but after the massacre of Thebes they formed allies with the Macedonians.
Alexander the Great then started on numerous of his famous expeditions to expand his empire, with the first being to Asia. During this expedition he defeated the Persian army and declared himself king of Persia. Even though they were out numbered in one of the battles, the military intelligence and strategy of Alexander led to the defeat of the Persians. He then began his expedition to the lands of Egypt. Alexander became the King of Babylon, Asia, and the Four Quarters of the World. The Egyptians were no match for Alexander the Great and the Macedonian army, in which they defeated them with ease. The Persians continued to pursue the power of Alexander during this conquest but once again he defeated them. Which caused the Persian army to completely plummet.
Next he embarked on his last and final expedition to Iran. Alexander strongly believed in the formation of colonies because his empire was so vast. He then married Rhoxana, who was Prince Oxyartes daughter and was captured by Alexander. As he moved north through India he went to battle with King Porus’ and his soldiers. After Alexander defeated the army of Porus’ he was so impressed with him that he reestablished him as king. This was big because this is the first that we here of Alexander doing this. After this