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The Life of Alexander the Great Born in to a family of great leaders, Alexander the Great was destined to be a successor from the day he was born. Both his parents, Philip II of Macedon and Queen Olympias, descended from royal blood and therefore influenced the way he came to view the world. Philip II was a shrewd king and general who dominated Greece, put together an amazing army, and conquered his foes. Queen Olympias was a strong willed princess from Epirus from whom Alexander claimed a lineage that included both Achilles and Hector. From his father, Alexander learned the skills of being a successful tactician and commander and from his mother he inherited her passionate and sensitive nature. He grew up watching his father transforming Macedonia into a great military power while winning victory after victory. Therefore, it was only natural that Alexander would follow in his footsteps. Alexander III the Great , the king of Macedonia and the conqueror of the Persian Empire is considered one of the greatest military geniuses of all times. Growing up, Alexander rarely saw his father since he was constantly battling wars. Therefore, he was mostly influenced by his mother Olympias who filled him with a deep resentment of his father. Nevertheless, both parents saw it as vital importance that their son received a well-rounded education. He went through countless private tutors who tried to teach and control the disobedient, little boy. When Alexander was thirteen years old, the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle began to tutor him privately. During the next three years, he received a complete education that sparked his interest in science, medicine, philosophy, animals, and plants. In addition to his formal studies, Alexander received training in sports, physical fitness, and warfare. These skills helped him later on in life when he became a successful leader over a large empire. When Alexander was only sixteen years old, his father assembled a large army and invaded Thrace. He left young Alexander in charge of the Macedonian empire to rule over in his absence. This was this beginning of the transformation of Alexander the Great in to an important leader over others. Even