Alexander The New Jim Crow Analysis

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For many years, sociologists have studied that certain Governments use criminal punishment as a way for social control for certain ethnic groups in particularly lower-class communities. Justice itself is not present in certain areas, and crime is sometimes totally justified on a person's upbringing. In the short essays, “The New Jim Crow” by Michella Alexander, depicts how contemporary America has continuously disadvantaged the black man through systematic injustice and how America has used its jail system as a new, under examined form of social control. Michelle's major presented is that the jail is a system in control by the white man and is used to maintain the people in society who may be dangerous or threatening but also poor. Alexander also examined because the racial differences during the war on drugs, both the government and the judicial system treat ex-criminals with the same disdain and carelessness. therefore, mass incarceration along in the modern American history indicated that the black man …show more content…
While addressing that the white collar criminal goes unnoticed, while the inner-city black man is targeted as a criminal, Michelle tells the audience that “”(741) it shows although race, age, and social class, which are independent from actual behavior, the black men are more likely to be perceived as threatening by police and white citizens than a group of white men. Moreover, the ...also shows whites are more likely to avoid prison. It could be seen when Michelle states, “”(744) in other words, Michelle believes the law officials also have become more harsh when an criminal is darker skinned and more lenient when the accused is lighter skinned. Therefore, The majority of criminal justice system view that what threatens the public order is not crime itself but certain classes or types of