Alexis de Tocqueville response 1 Essay

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The first thing that caught my eye was the talk about France seven hundred years ago. I found the use of aristocracy very interesting but familiar to us today. Tocqueville explained how in order to withstand the authority of the crown or to take down and take the power of their rivals away, they would allow for the general class people to have some political input. The king “permitted the lower orders to have a share in the government”. Soon there were many new components of fairness between men. This was the shift toward democracy; “we see that every addition to science, every fresh truth, and every new idea became a germ of power placed within the reach of the people”. I like the idea of democracy better than aristocracy because it allows for anyone to have input from the beginning. In a sense democracy is teamwork as a whole population rather then the general people being used as a last resort to mediate the high governments problems or to take down one another.
Responding to “Tyranny Of The Majority”, I do believe that people have the right to so anything politically speaking, however I do believe in Justice making “the rights of every people are therefore confined within the limits of what is just”. I also agree that there is no such thing as a “mixed government” because there is always something that has a higher influence on others.
I believe that associations are what makes or breaks people. Everyday we are faced with obstacles that test our morals and the associations we belong to or consider ourselves in. I do agree with Tocqueville that associations “form a society”. It is very apparent that we form these associations in America as undertakings in other words a promise.
I would consider myself a patriot because I do support and love my country. I think the amount of opportunities we have allow for growth and everyone