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ALEXIS GABBBIDON ms352 10-31-14 class613 My 4 future goals

One of my future goals is to graduate middle school and go to a good high school. The reason I want this goal is because I want to increase my knowledge and learn more about math, science, reading, history, and other subjects that can help me in my life-time so I can get a good career or good job. When I enter high school am determine that high school or university is in reach. If do well and keep my head up, I can receive scholarships I can also open my minds to new things in life.
I plan to go to high school by working harder in my classes, paying full attention, making good choices not being a follower but being a leader get into my books and stay away from bad kids who will get me into trouble.

Alexis Gabbidon ms352
10-31-14 class613 My second goal is to make sure I go to a good college or university. I have this goal because so in the future I could get a better job and career is to be qualified and get at least a bachelor, master or PhD degree, live a better lifestyle the more education I get is most likely the amount of money I get. Going to college or university you can gain more information and skills you learn for the future. Gives you more tools for the future you could become more independent explore more subjects and decide what you want to do for the future.

I plan to go to college or university by doing well in middle school and high school earning scholarship think about the talents I have ,hardship that I can improve and go towards my goal people who I admire celebrities or historical.

Alexis Gabbidon ms352
10-31-14 class613

My third goal is when I graduate college or university I want to apply for acting and singing. I have this goal because I want to overcome my fears I want to contribute to society The desire to use fame to help others or make them proud “Being