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Alexis Moreno

First and foremost I have been interested in becoming part of TCU/IAM since joining Job Corps, receiving an MOS Certification would be the perfect building block for this career. I was certain that obtaining a position in a stimulating environment would allow me to put my Leadership capabilities to use. I would love the opportunity to help this organization grow, creating a career in the railroad industry is my main objective. Punctuality, and customer care are my strong points so railroad conducting fits me perfectly. Strong Computer skills are the beginning of my qualifications, I enjoy working on and am very receptive to computer information. My performance on center has been flawless since day one, I’ve held a 99% average on all my exams while holding a position on SGA, and being a peer counselor. Empowering the atmosphere on campus came natural to me, my performance is powerful in everything I do. “I am very hard on myself”. I’ve obtained a CPR/AED license, an Osha Forklift Certification, while gaining MOS, and Insurance Claim credentials, including several leadership certificates while on site. I’ve worked with an excellent AmeriCorps organization known as “City Year” a non-profit organization designed to target at youth risk in grades 4th-8th grade endangered of failing or dropping out of school due to low test scores predominantly in math and English. I’ve also had the opportunity to work at “Alliance for progress Charter school” as an afternoon tutor. Positions like this inspired me to work with other people and develop imperative interpersonal skills. If your center gave me the opportunity to join TCU/IAM, I