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Alexus Harris
Odis "Keith" Dempsey
English Foundation I
24 April 2015 Paying college Athletes This issue of what incentives or rewards college athletes should receive has turned into a big debate. Over the years, one of the arguments against athletic scholarships was that athletic departments have had little incentive to promote the student. Athletic departments, and more specifically coaches, have control over rewarding scholarships that are renewed on a year-to-year basis. College Athletes provides a way for a lot of Athletic students to attend college and to also have access to scholarships. But do these scholarships truly help alleviate from financial burdens that students are faced with. How much more could paying scholarships recipients help? Financially paying college athletes should become a major part in college. Yes, considering that college athletes do have access to different types of scholarships; granted!
But do these scholarships really cover the full expenses of books and materials? 85% of college athletes on scholarships live below the poverty line. (Marc Edelman) College athletes take out large loans to pay for living expenses during college.( camper circle staff) By paying these recipients they can start paying off expensive loans and materials for schools. College sports industry generates $ 11 billion in annual revenues. (Marc Edelman) For example: Division 1 schools have thousands of fans that pay money to watch college students play. Also a university makes millions of dollars off of local and national television deals. Student athlete’s talents and skills are put on display for an entire nation to witness.
When it comes down to rewarding student athletes, the only thing that Athletes receive is under the table benefits and their name being tarnished due to unethical recruiting/Compensations. (Dominic Alessi) Student athletes are thrown to the wayside and NCAA claims that education is all they need. Yes, this is true but if the NCAA provides such a high standard of education and services for free, then why are test scores so low? Why are students missing a minimum of six days of class a week for practices and tournaments? NCAA takes so much but yet gives little to student Athletes. Studies done by Drexel University, by the department of sports management, have found that student athletes still have out of pocket expenses of $3,000 beyond scholarships. Taxpayers have been faced with burdens of supporting these student athletes through various state welfare programs such as food stamps, as a result that these scholarships does not financially benefit nor cover expenses of year round school materials. Recent reports states that Ed O’Bannon, who played