Essay about Alfred Hitchcock and Cinematographic Technique

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Horror/Thriller Film Study – Psycho – Erik Abella 10.5

One cinematographic technique that is used in this shot from the film Psycho is a full shot. With the full shot we have a clear view of the area where the victim is hiding and how far the murderer is. We can see that the distance between the two is short which places the victim vulnerable, as it gives her a slim chance of escaping and surviving. The place of her hiding is not clear yet to Norman Bates but it’s as if he’s facing her and is in his field of vision, which creates suspense. The expression of Norman Bates’ emphasizes his priority (to find the woman who has invaded his home) which leaves the audience feeling thrilled as he appears to be truly focused in committing sinister actions toward the intruder. All these Techniques and emotions associated with the shot help the film to fit the horror/thriller genre.

A cinematographic technique that is included in this screen capture is a medium shot. With this technique it helps to fit the horror/thriller genre by leaving the audience feel cautious and aware with the many lighting inconsistencies. There are many things that raise awareness when watching through this scene, which leaves you off your chair in suspense, guessing what’s happening next. The suspense is confining, it restricts you from staying comfortable because of the disturbing surrounding which also leads to the next film technique Mise en Scene. The setting contains the rear sides of buildings,