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Growing up in an era where practically every form of education is at our fingertips, I never really took the time and thought about all the information that people have gathered from decades upon decades of scientific studies. Studies ranging from the geology of our earth to the breakdown of each and every molecule, scientists and doctors have continued to conduct experiments and studies on anything and everything that has yet to be answered. The reason for this? The human brain. The human brain is special because us as humans have the ability to ask “why?” and the brain capacity and capability allows us to answer that exact question. Alfred Kinsey was just that.
Alfred Charles Kinsey, an american biologist who studied insects for years which had a heavy influence on his interest in the sexual behaviors of the human species. Alfreds curiosity with the biology makeup of both women and men propelled him to become the first person to research and study the reasons why humans are sexually active and try to answer any questions within sexual activity. That being the early 1900’s, most people shot Alfred down saying that his studies were evil and that personal information like that should only be shared between sexual partners. He disagreed and continued his research which caused many people to go against his opinion and brought controversial arguments and accusations to his doorstep.
One area that got much attention was Alfreds interactions with students in his class. Many people felt offended by his content that he researched and his blatancy with all topics discussed in his classes. Alfred Kinsey had so many hating his research because people felt by him doing these studies and experiments he was exploiting students and even some of the publics eyes. No one felt comfortable with Kinsey asking such personal questions and frankly I don’t blame them. When the whole population has a preconceived idea on sex and how it is not to be talked about and then to have some professor call you out in front of hundreds of other students and ask very personal questions about your sex would make anyone a tad uncomfortable. Researching and gathering information was difficult for Kinsey because of situations like this and had to continuously battle criticism for other questionable experiments. The biggest concern with Kinsey's research in my opinion was conducting the same studies on young children and adolescents as he did on adults and young couples.
Alfred Kinsey had statistical data that showed sexual interactions with children as young as two months old. The publicity that Kinsey faced was brought on by his own actions. In one instance, a woman in later years came out and admitted that she was sexually abused by both her father and grandfather so Kinsey could gather more knowledge on children achieving orgasm at a young age. After publishing his book, many questions arrised if Alfred Kinsey should even be allowed to continue his research on sexual behavior. Talking about sex and sexual encounters with whomever was bad enough by the view