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Alfred Nobel Alfred Bernhard Nobel, The Swedish Chemist, was born on October 21st, 1833 in Stockholm Sweden. As a child, Alfred Nobel was sick very often, but still curious of the world he lived in. his father, who was an engineer and inventor, moved to St. Petersburg, Russia to take a job manufacturing explosives. In 1842, his family moved with him. Alfred’s parents sent him to private tutors, where he learned to speak fluent in English, French, German, Russian, and of course, his native language, Swedish. At the age of 18, Alfred left Russia. He spent a year in Paris to study Chemistry, and then moved to the United States. After five years in the United States, he then returned to Russia so he could work with his father in his factory making military equipment for the Crimean War. When the war ended in 1859, the company went bankrupt. Alfred and his family then moved back to Sweden. Once there, Alfred soon began to experiment with explosives. In 1864, there was a huge explosion in the family’s factory that killed five people, including Alfred’s brother Emil. Alfred, who was at the age of 29 when the explosion happened, he was devastated by the event. He then set out to create a safer explosive. He tried and failed for three years until he finally found the right substances. In 1867, Alfred Nobel created a mixture of nitroglycerin and another absorbent substance to create Dynamite. In 1888, Alfred’s brother, Ludvig, died in France. One of the French newspapers ignored Ludvig’s death and instead, congratulated Alfred for inventing dynamite. Provoked by how he felt he would be remembered, Alfred created the “Nobel…