Why I Wish To Study At Alfred State

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Why I Wish to Study at Alfred State

We all acknowledge that education is important in our modern life, thus we must spire to the best. Always I am thinking about creating my future. Start when I wake up every morning every day I find something creative to do with my life. After I finished my college in Saudi Arabia I come to united state seeking for best knowledge in English and continuing my education. I graduated from college of technology and I received a diploma certificate in Architecture technology.
Nowadays all the world moving toward urban development such as, USA, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia therefore the Architect people have an important responsibilities to tune with evolution and make impressive for all the world. Architecture technology means a lot to me since I was a child, and this made me interesting in all kind of design like buildings and bridges. Also encourage me to search for good education abroad in United States. Moreover, United States is huge country, and it has a lot of university’s and colleges. However to find the best education in United States you should keep looking among the university’s and colleges. I conceder myself lucky to find college with ranking in top 25 regional colleges in the north part state University of New York (SUNY) system, so It is an honor to apply to Alfred state. In addition, Alfred state is my goal to contusing my education by accept me in the college and achieve my dream to be one of the people who aspire to make