Algorithm: Flowchart and Pseudocode Essay examples

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Used to describe simple daily actions or explain a particular task. Algorithms present solutions, is short to be easily carried out in particular order. E.g can’t hang up phone before delivering message. Methods or algorithms are given to representing algorithms in different ways. These may invlude pseudocode and flowcharts.
Pseudocode uses indented lines and keywords to describe an algorithm. They are written using a word processor. There are many different standards of pseudocode though there are some generally accepted rules.
Flow is from top to bottom
Keywords are highlighted in capital letters or bold for emphasis and indication of action performed
Some common keywords include; BEGIN, END, IF, ENDIF.
Terminal: start and finish
IF (condition)
THEN process 1
ELSE process 2
Selection: different tasks are performed according to the condition
The ELSE statement is optional
WHILE (condition)
Process 1
Repetition: statements between the keywords are repeated while the condition is true (pre-test repetition)
Process 1
UNTIL (condition)
Repetition : statements between the keywords are repeated while the condition is true (post-test repetition)

Flowcharts are a pictorial or graphical method of describing an algorithm. Usually makes it easier to see structure of solution. Basic elements of a flowchart are a set of symbols that contain messages and interconnecting lines. Set of standards for flowcharts has been established for a number of different applications.

Terminal : start and finish
There should be only one line in or one line out

Process : used to describe a process or action
It contains one line in and one line out

Subprogram: process described by its own flowchart to perform a particular task

Decision : it…