Algorithms And Logic For Computer Programming

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Reusability of Code
PRG / 211 Algorithms and Logic for Computer Programming
Michelle C Smith
June 17, 2013
Martin Ferus

Reusability “In computer science and software engineering, reusability is the likelihood that a segment of source code can be used again to add new functionalities with slight or no modification. Reusable modules and classes reduce implementation time, increase the likelihood that prior testing and use has eliminated bugs and localizes code modifications when a change in implementation is required” (Wikipedia, 2013). The cost of reuse is not free and is not something you obtain just because you’re using object-oriented development tools. Reusing source codes general purpose is to minimize unnecessary coding, which in the end reduces money and the time it takes for project development.
Protecting your computer or computer systems from virulent codes will assist in stopping accidental or even intentional compromising of information. According to Headley, 2012, “With procedural programming data is exposed to the entire program making it vulnerable to the possibility of attacks. In contrast, object-oriented data is only attainable from inside the object and provides a certain level of data security.” Data hiding is a method used by programmers using object-oriented programming to hide information within a computer code. Objects located within a code are not shrouded to information that is considered hidden. Data hiding displays a number of advantages for programmers, “because objects are unable to connect to irrelevant data and hackers are less likely to be able to access data.” In the same instance “hiding data can make it harder for a programmer, who may need to use more code to create effects in hidden data than would be necessary if the data were public” (Conjecture Corporation, 2003-2013).
Passing of Data Vs Data Encapsulation When using object-oriented language more of the focus is on the data rather than the procedures, while the programs are being divided into objects and the data is encapsulated from the outside environment, this provides more security.
When using procedural programming