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Alia Scott 4A
School Year Reflection
This year as a whole, I’ve learned a variety of things that I will carry for the rest of my life. I’ve learned character, how to maintain a positive attitude, and independence. At my short time in DCPS, and Atlantic Coast itself, I’ve started to learn how to do things on my own, and not rely on others to assist me. I’ve got lost alot, sat down and actually cried because I couldn’t open my locker or understand where in the world was the 600 building. But I got up, wiped my tears and kept on. I conquered my doubts, and made some friends (that helped me open my locker) and got a grip because no one was going to do it for me, and I couldn’t sit and pout about it.
Being a freshman isn’t easy. You have to get over the fact that you are no longer cool. The little games that used to make your friends laugh so hard they fall on the floor in middle school, makes them snort and roll their eyes in high school. People also change dramatically, and unfortunately, throw away those five dollar necklaces that say “BFF” that you (Your mom) bought from Justice. Sometimes it’s for the better and you find new friends instantly and live happily. Or, maybe it’s for the worse and they only call you best friend on Mondays because that’s when you get twenty dollars allowance and they “Just happened” to leave their money at home. There are 2041 (minus one) other kids around you, and someone is bound to befriend you, eventually.
Procrastination I learned (and still is learning) the hard way. Teachers no longer “Let you turn it in tomorrow”…no. It’s “Stay after school” or “Come during your lunch block” (I’ve starved attempting that. Not fun.) Or you get a giant goose egg on grade portal and have to explain to your parents why there is a zero on your progress report. I now heavily annoy teachers by asking

them over email for the work I’ve missed (Mr. Dew, one of my latest victims) so I can avoid having to make up work on top of other work. Going to a teachers class to receive work because your know that you are not going to be there is a great way to take responsibility over your work.
I learned to review the night before, or review in general. Teachers no longer read over the books in class, and you have to rely on yourself to have the responsibility to do it on your own, or it shows terribly on your