Alibaba Targets Record Debut Essay

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Alibaba Targets Record Debut
--From The Wall Street Journey, September 6-7
Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce company, in paper filed Friday. It valued itself $155 billion, which is just below rival Inc.’s 160 million market capitalization. And, Alibaba’s worth could raise in the days ahead as the company officially introduces itself to investors in a process known as a roadshow. It will begin at Monday in New York. The $155 billion valuation representing the midpoint of an initial price range of $60 to $66 a share. This price comes at the lower-end of analysts’ current estimates of the company’s value. Some people said that if the company sells the maximum number of shares proposed at the highest price currently anticipated, the deal would raise $24.3 billion for Alibaba. That figure would represent the biggest-ever IPO, topping the $22 billion raised by Agricultural bank of China Ltd, in 2010. That news shocked the whole capital market, and the whole world either.
In those years, the Alibaba tried to step out. The company tried to compete in Foreign Markets, but it seems there’s some difficulties for the company because there is few people know this company except in China. For my opinion, Alibaba’s IPO is not only an Initial public offering, but also a successful advertisement to the whole world. That’s a pretty advanced strategy for Alibaba if the company want to step out, compete in Foreign Markets. Alibaba’s massive global roadshow-spanning North America, Asia and Europe- is pivotal since the company is poorly understood outside of Asia, says Max Wolff, chief economist at Manhattan Venture Partners.”Alibaba is a behemoth in China but is relatively less well known in the U.S.,” he says. The roadshow’s first stop will be Hong Kong on Monday morning at 8th, September 7, 2014, and then moving to Singapore, Europe, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Kansas city which is very closed to us, and Silicon valley. It’s really a good chance for Alibaba.
According to our Textbook in chapter 7. if Alibaba want to expand into foreign markets to increase revenues, profits,