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An author creates a story by writing the ideas of one’s thoughts. Where do these ideas manifest? Similar to asking the age old question of the chicken and the egg, what comes first the image or the text? Are images conjured in the mind that an author gives birth to or do the words give birth to future images? It is a fair analysis to determine it is individual for each author. Image and text are interconnected if not by the author’s creation but by the readers interpretation. Film is the creation of the written text brought to life by moving images. Examining the relationship between image and text to discover how the two forms create meaning in film is valuable. Walt Disney’s 1951 animated version of Alice and Wonderland intersects text and image to create meaning in a vibrant way. In the film the various cast of characters speak the text to tell the story, along with the images of the characters themselves. One can listen to the story and hear the characters or one can watch the characters move through the story without words. Either way a listener/viewer will understand the story but when the two aspects are joined the full scope of the story unfolds. In film two things must happen for viewers to interpret the full meaning of the piece. Words or the former text vocalized by the characters strengthens the movements and actions of the characters or images, at the same time the movements and actions of the characters strengthen the words of the characters