Alice: The Importance Of Alice In Solomon By Heather Marshall

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The short text ‘Solomon’ written by Heather Marshall shows many important characters. One of those important characters is Alice. She shows her importance in scenes and shows themes in the text as well. Alice shows the theme of courage in the short text when standing up for what she believed in. She showed her importance when stopping the hurting of the neighbourhood cat, while stopping things sooner rather than later. Alice also shows the importance of being yourself and not caring what others think.These points show Alice's importance showing courage, and confidence in the text.

Alice shows courage in the short text, which makes her important. Alice stands up to the neighborhood kids who are pestering the neighborhood cat Solomon. She voices her opinion, telling them to stop. “You Pigs… Get out of our street!” She yells this at the pestering kids, informing the kids that she doesn’t like what they are doing. Alice shows courage here, standing up for what she believes in. People don’t have the courage these days to stand up for what they believe in. If someone doesn’t like what someone's doing, they think it and talk to their friends about it after, instead of acting on it. This shows Alice’s courage to act on the situation which shows she is important to the text.
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But that is soon proven wrong when Alice brings her sister Cathi’s thoughts alive. Alice stops the bullying of the cat, and acts upon what everyone is thinking. Alice knew that if she didn’t act quick, it would escalate. She new that Solomon didn’t deserve the beating he was getting. “He got away, you horrible bullies. Solomon’s gone!” Alice yelled this as the kids look for Solomon. People need to start stopping bad things sooner rather than later, like Alice.This shows Alice's importance in the text, as she was the one to help